([RE]Introducing the best way to find your soulmate

How do I start?

Answer a few short questions so we know who you are and who you're looking for. We'll start to arrange parties matched just to you and you attend the events you want to attend.

How do you protect my privacy?

Swizzle is more private than any other dating service because there are no public profiles and other Swizzlers cannot contact you directly (unless you mutually agree to communicate after attending an event). We do not share your data with anyone for any reason. Period. See our privacy policy.

There are no public profiles?

Nope. You do create a private profile based on your responses to our questions, but it is not visible to anyone but you (and our matchmaker, of course).

Do I need to bring anything? / What should I wear?

This will depend on the party. Be it a luau or a barn dance, we will let you know all of this in the invitation.

How do I get in contact with other Swizzlers?

If there is mutual interest, you have to ask them for their phone number or email address when you are there with them. If you are really shy, you can ask one of our hosts to help.

Do I have to go to parties? / How often will I receive invites?

You will receive an invitation every time a party crowd matches your personal information. You'll have an opportunity to RSVP to each invitation. You can attend as many or as few as you like.

What are the parties like? / How do you make sure the parties are safe?

Parties are always thrown in public venues (such as local restaurants) and are hosted by a member of the Swizzle team. There are many types of party, and you chose the scene you are most interested in.

Is there a fee?

There is no fee to join Swizzle and no monthly or annual charge. Each individual event may have a small cost such as the price of the dinner, if provided, or a small cover charge. These costs should be about what you’d pay for a date (but you get to meet several compatible people at once!). If you don't attend an event, you don't pay anything.